Peterborough Wedding Photography

I have been pressing a shutter since 1969 and became a professional photographer just over ten years ago and I now love photography even more. Thousands of functions, PRs, commercial jobs, weddings now under my belt since I started as a pro all those years ago and I never get fed up watching, hearing and reading the reactions when clients see my work. I really enjoy taking photographs that you will love, of you, your friends and relatives, posed and non-posed, especially on your BIG day out. Please let me cover your wedding and I will show you the romance, the drama and the finer detail that shows how unique and special your day was.  

Unlike some photographers who are reluctant to move from their comfy zone,  I do not take the same old, same old photos at every wedding. We are all unique, so why should you all end up with the same looking photos as everybody else?  I don't do any bossy regimented stuff and I move fast. Equally I won't upset any of your guests'.

I take the job very seriously, I always carry back-up equipment and have acess to four cars. I turn up on time and stay low key in the background. I respect and mingle with your guests and we might even have a giggle or three along the way. Value for money is top of my list. If you wish to know more, or see more photos and explain how it all works in finer detail, please give me a call, text or e-mail for a  meet up.  I have simple set or flexible plans and no hidden scams. Simple options and simple prices. A service that really is Black and White!................................I'll even bring the tea bags.

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Boston, Lincolnshire Wedding Photographer

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