Q)  How many photographs do you take on the day?
A) This depends on several factors like weather conditions, venue, my attendance time, officials and the amount of guests,  (and willingness of guests) but on average I take between 1 to 600 images approximately during  a full wedding day. You will be provided with a secure gallery of the best photos.  During year 2015 most wedding couples ended up with at least 300 images.

Q) What is a pre wedding / engagement shoot? ***
A) We meet somewhere local, just the three  of us only, for a photo shoot (Sometimes called an engagement shoot ) lasting about one hour . All images supplied to you on a DVD. POA CONTACT ME

Q) Can I have bride getting ready photos? **
A) Yes please add £30 per hour to the figures shown. If this option is not taken, I only attend the wedding venue.  I would need to be at the wedding venue at least 30 mins pre service.  

Q) Can I have groom getting ready photos? **
A) Yes please add £30 per hour to the figures shown. As a one man band it is difficult to be in two places at once. If the bride getting ready option is taken up, I am unable to pop in to  another location on the way to the wedding venue and vice versa. It may be possible if you are both getting ready at the same place, time permitting, but cannot be guaranteed. If this option is not taken, I only attend the wedding venue.

Q) We are having a joint wedding / christening. Can you cover this within the wedding price?  
A)  Unfortunately not. This becomes two bookings, however,  I can offer reduced prices as I will already be on site. POA 

Q)  Can you take some photos in the Church / registry office during the service?
A)  Lighting is one issue and the allowed use of flash photography another. In 99% of cases I do get quite a few shots of the service and have had no complaints so far. However, many vicars and registrars seem to have an issue with this. It can be distracting, according to them. Whilst understanding the seriousness of the service,   it is therefore best to check the vicar & registrar rules at your wedding venue to clarify this. I would like to add that quite a few vicars and many registrars are very obliging, but they are a rare breed. (Whinge over :) )

Q) What is basic editing?
A) If you wake up on the day of the shoot with a spot on your nose, or a bruise pops up etc, quick fixes like this will be gone from the finished photos. (if noticed)  Major edits like hair style changes, people removing / adding, arms thinning, etc are not basic edits. )

Q) What is a  license to print & share?
A) A letter signed by me to authorise the DVD holder, to print and share images from any DVD supplied.  T & C's apply

Q)  Do you take any formal / posed photographs at weddings?
A)   Yes. I generally like to keep a low profile during the day and do take a lot of candid's. I highly recommend that a number of family formal shots are taken as well.  I welcome any requests / list's you may have, so if there are particular shots you have in mind I can carry these out for you. It is YOUR day not mine!

Q) Can we book you now and pay you later when we get paid?
A) To be fair to all I have to run this empire on a first come, first served basis. Unfortunately,  would love to help, but a NO, from me.

Q)  What kind of albums / mounts can we order?
 Albums / photo story books / Mounts / Canvas's can be ordered at an additional cost if you choose.

Q)  How long do you stay on the wedding day? *
A)   In the main, untill 8pm. ( Not the service only package)  You can choose to have your whole day covered from the bride and groom’s preparations right up until the first dance/cake cutting. This allows me to capture as many aspects from your wedding day as possible.

Q)  Do you travel anywhere and how much do you charge?
A)  Yes I cover throughout the World.  Seriously, all prices shown on this website are within a 25 mile radius of Spalding, Lincolnshire. Weddings taking place outside this area may be charged a small extra travel fee as pre agreed.  Overnight accommodation at extra cost ( Travelodge type ) may be necessary for any shoots held more than 80 miles of Spalding. I would like to add that  I have traveled far in the UK to attend weddings, and heard it mentioned more than once that my service was still more cost effective than the local photographers

Q)  Do you cover weddings all year round?
A)  I will cover weddings held during any time of the year – that’s 365 days. However, If I am not home in time for the arrival of  Father Christmas, my kids will not be amused, so be it on your head :)

Q)  Can we meet you before the wedding to discuss our requirements?
A)   It is beneficial us to meet for a consultation before the wedding. Once you book me, we can certainly meet again prior to the wedding day for fine tuning.  . This helps me to get to know you and as a result make sure we are prepared for your special day.  It is important for you to discuss what type of photographs you really like and I will need details of how you plan the day. Ideally I would like to see the venues too pre wedding, but please understand this is not always possible.

Q)   How do you deal with low light and bad weather conditions?
A)    Washouts are rare believe it or not.  However, I am able to deal with most lighting situations. I have strong build equipment with all the essential accessories/skills to combat difficult conditions.

Q)  Did you take ALL the photos on this website?
A)   Its a 100% yes from me. 

Q) How can we pay you Dave?
A)  Cheque, Direct to my bank, cash, Credit cards via PayPaL ( + Paypal charges )

Q)  Can you remove the PROOF or COPYRIGHT wording from your photographs?
A)  Yes of course. Once you purchase them. Otherwise it has to stay put to protect my work and keep client costs to a minimum

Q)  Can you supply larger proofs online?
A)   Unfortunately not, to protect my work and keep client costs to a minimum

Q)  Why do photographer charge so much for prints?
A)  In short, a wedding is a weeks work or more to me. Coupled with expensive equipment, travel, work time, post processing, income tax and NI, over 40 years of training, bookeeping and accountacy fees, ongoing training and skill all play a part and the final quality of the print itself. A local chemist at 10p a print in most cases are not in synch with all of this.  All my prints and products are produced in the UK at a professional lab, who I have used for about 35 years and hence have a long and strong relationship with them.  A lot of research and testing, sampling goes into finding that perfect print/product lab. After sales is my number one priority and my lab offers this 100%. Is that not alone worth paying a bit more for?

Q) Can we take the good's and pay you later when we get paid?
A)  Unfortunately sorry, would love to help, but it's a NO, from me.

Q)  Can you produce canvas wall hangings from our photographs?
A)  Yes, canvas wall hangings of various sizes can be produced on request. Lifetime non-fade warranty.

Q)   What else can you photograph other than weddings?
A)   I can photograph many things PORTRAITS  COMMERCIAL  PETS  PARTY TIME  without you needing a mortgage to pay me.  Please
CONTACT ME for more information.

* In most cases, cutting of the cake and first dance should be done by this time.

** Bride preps are at £50 per hour. Does not include any groom  preps unless at the same location and time allows. I am unable to divert to a third location on the way to the service.

*** Pre wedding / engagement shoot must be taken pre wedding. I am unable to carry them over post wedding.  Not transferable.​